Passenger Safety

When a medical situation arises during a flight, our crew, which is trained annually in extended first aid measures, will contact MedAire’s MedLink emergency response center for treatment advice and recommendations.

MedAire is a hospital based medical advisory which is contracted to provide 24/7 In-flight Tele-medical support in the event of a medical situation on ground or inflight. MedAire physicians are aware of the medical equipment on-board and understand the constraints associated with the aircraft environment.

We know how to take care of your health!

Prevent the potential exposure by avoiding busy airport terminals and crowded flights. Flying on a private jet will facilitate social distancing while traveling to a minimum.

FAI has been closely monitoring the evolution of the CoViD-19 outbreak from the outset in December 2019, and has been providing regular updates since January 2020 on our capabilities for our clients from around the world.

Being the market leader for international ambulance and medevac flights, FAI has an unmatched inhouse medical competency and is used to take a lot of importance on hygienic conditions on board of our fleet.

We know how to take care of your health!

Aircraft Disinfection

To avoid a nosocomial infection, we use Saniswiss Technology and Products for disinfection inside our aircraft.

Founded in Geneva, Saniswiss evolves hand-in-hand with the highest stakeholders of global health. Surrounded by a unique eco-system composed of the World Health Organisation and the Biotech Valley, Saniswiss has been able to always bring the most advanced technologies to fit the challenges of tomorrow and has established itself since 12 years as a true reference in the fight against HAIs, cross-infections, and sustainable hygiene in 83 countries.

With Saniswiss we are using products and solutions respectful of the environment (highest biodegradability) and respectful of the health of the users (no CLP hazardous goods symbols). With this clean technology, we also achieve the highest efficacy to ensure new state-of-the art hygiene standards to protect our passengers and crew.

Portable Biosanitizer

The company Saniswiss has developed a new smaller and portable biosanitizer in cooperation with our medical department. After only an influence time of 30 minutes, all surfaces of the aircraft cabin, being accessible by air, are disinfected and hygienically clean.

This aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide technology benefits of a patented venture system. H2O and H2O2 are mixed with eco-friendly (plant origin) surfactants. The patented blend is boosted by advanced plasma-discharge. The process „boosted“ the natural antimicrobial properties of hydrogen peroxide. It generates a vortex up to 15 meters away and simultaneously ionized biosanitizer in micro particles, affixing them on each surfaces of the room, safe and ecological.

The technology achieves a 6-log reduction (lethality of 99,9999%) against multiple pathogens various studies made by independent laboratories showed the proven efficacy.

Universal Precaution Kit

Each FAI aircraft is equipped with a Universal Precaution Kit (UPK). Such kits provide the necessary equipment to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The items contained in the UPK meet the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) and IATA/EASA recommendations for personal protection safety measures onboard of an aircraft.

Our dedicated teams are working 24/7 with authorities and experts to update standards and adapt procedures accordingly. For any further information, we are happy to answer all your questions

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