FAI rent-a-jet: Aircraft to charter

Our charter fleet is expressly tailored to meet your needs for comfortable, luxurious transportation.
Whether you are interested in mid-range, transcontinental or transoceanic journeys, we have the right jet for your business and personal travel.

Ultra Long Range Jet

Global Express

Bombardier Global – maximum flexibility, superior range, spacious cabins for VIP transportation

Range Cruise speed
11.140 km
6.180 nm
900 km/h
0.85 Mach
488 kts
Long Range Jet

Challenger 604

Bombardier Challenger 604 – best long-range jet in its class, customized cabin solutions for any corporate requirements, transcontinental range

Range Cruise speed
6.850 km
3.700 nm
870 km/h
0,82 Mach
470 kts
Business Jet

Learjet 60

Learjet 60 – Comfort, elegance and efficiency, impressive range and speed, flying high above weather and commercial airliner traffic

Range Cruise speed
4.450 km
2.405 nm
780 km/h
0,73 Mach
420 kts

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