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FAI has been closely monitoring the evolution of the CoViD-19/SARS-CoV-2 outbreak from the outset in December 2019, and has been providing regular updates since January 2020 on our capabilities in the repatriation of patients for our clients from epidemic hotspots around the world.

As the global leader in both regional and long-range inter-continental ICU air ambulance missions, FAI was the pioneer in rolling out this expertise at the earliest time when the full extent of the Pandemic was not yet appreciated in the wider landscape of global aeromedical operations.

From February 2020, after numerous client requests, and after alignment with multiple authorities, FAI commenced medical air ambulance transport missions, from high risk locations to home country, on behalf of governments, international agencies and private clients.

We also were the pioneer in offering multiple passenger air transportation options for repatriation of unaffected healthy adults and children, to these same clients.

Now that the Covid-19 Global Pandemic is fully established, with the huge explosion in global case volumes, and the virtual shut-down of commercial air traffic, the demand for our services and expertise continues to rise exponentially.

Medical Transport Missions
FAI has procured two of the latest version portable medical isolation unit PMIU solid-shell EpiShuttle manufactured in Norway by EpiGuard AS.

After an induction and training period for our teams, FAI commenced dedicated PMIU missions as of 08 February 2020.

We have installed customised stretcher configurations on our Challenger CL604 aircraft, with specific EpiShuttle equipment and accessory modules ready to deploy.

We have deployed a dedicated team of 5 ICU Flight Doctors and 7 Flight Paramedics, now trained in accordance with directives of the ECDC European Center for Disease Control. We continue to train new teams to ensure 24/7/365 access to this critical service.

With this enhanced capability, FAI can safely transport CoViD-19 positive patients, whether in stable or critical condition, from any location, to any destination on the globe. This capability is subject to the limitations currently imposed by multiple regulatory authorities, which FAI monitors by the hour using our in-house Risk Assessment expertise.

Air ambulance transports for patients with unrelated diagnoses, from locations where the outbreak is well established, are similarly reviewed on a case-by-case basis, subject to specific considerations. These flights, subject to Risk Assessment, may also need to be offered in an EpiShuttle PMIU unit, in the interests of safety for our teams and in compliance with current international regulatory restrictions.

All air ambulance patient transportation requests globally are strictly required to undergo CoViD-19 PCR testing, to determine whether safe to operate with or without EpiShuttle.

Multiple passenger air charter repatriation for normal healthy passengers

FAI is especially pleased to announce that we have also now commenced multiple passenger air transportation options for repatriation of unaffected, healthy adults and children from high risk locations to home country.

These missions are offered on our Challenger CL604 and CL850, and Global Express aircraft, for up to 13 passengers. All missions are accompanied by a trained dedicated medical team, for pre-flight temperature screening, and the availability of medical/nursing care in flight should the need arise.

All passengers are required to wear surgical masks, and complete a pre-flight screening questionnaire, in addition to temperature screening.

For further information please contact:

Volker Lemke
FAI rent-a-jet AG
Tel: +49 911 360 090 / +49 911 360 0931

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  • Dimensions
    Outer dimensions: L=2285 mm W=640 mm H=695 mm
    Weight: 58 kg on standard configuration
    Patient weight: Max 150 kg / 330 lb
    Patient Length: Max 198 cm / 6.5 feet
    Operating temperature from: 0 to +40 °C (32 to +104 °F)

    Air system
    Blower unit: CleanAir® Chemical 2F
    Power source: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 14,4V 2,6 Ah
    Air exchange: More than 15 air exchanges per hour.
    Operating negative pressure: Min 15 Pa relative to the environment
    Operating positive pressure: Min 15 Pa relative to the environment

    Access ports
    Operator ports: 8 ports for gloves, waste bag, sluice bag configurations.
    Wire port: Membrane inlet for IV lines, monitoring cables, similar equipment.
    Ventilator port: Generic port for all types of mechanical ventilator circuits.

Covid-19 News

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